Quest instills in its students the belief that each individual has a responsibility to participate in improving their world; whether it be around the corner or on the other side of the globe.

Sponsor a Student

A Little Help Goes a Long Way. When you sponsor a Quest student, you are doing far more than funding participation in Quest. You are providing the student with a tremendous opportunity to gain college resources, which will lead to future acceptances and scholarships.

Your commitment is completely 501C3 tax deductible and will effectively help your student become a contributing member of the community. Thank you!


Community Involvement

By partnering with other Naples area nonprofits and community organizations, Quest students have the opportunity to give back in a major way. As service is part of the foundation of our program, our students are committed to assisting others in our community.

Here are some local organizations where students commit their time and energy:
Pelican Bay Rotary
Collier Harvest
Rotary Club of Naples Bay
Habitat for Humanity
SPELLIFE Women’s Wellness

We’re Making Headlines

Read What the Publications are Saying about Quest

Graffiti fills the walls of Sue Zumstein’s office, but it’s not spray paint. Instead, scores of high school students have signed her walls, proudly stating what college they’re attending thanks to Quest…


College Visits WIN-WIN for Quest

Building relationships with post-secondary institutions is part of good college counseling. Last month, admission officers from six colleges…


What comes next? America’s young people are increasingly struggling with that question — a new reality we’ll discuss Aug. 23 during a #NACACreads discussion of There Is Life After College…


The Future of College Admission

I hate to sound like the Chicken Little, but I think we are in for a period in college admissions over the next two years that will be unlike any other. Because admissions are on a cycle…


At Summit, Rick Scott Urges On Florida Colleges, Universities To Help Students Graduate Sooner

Gov. Rick Scott has some suggestions to make sure college students graduate in four years. Remove additional fees for online classes. Allow Bright Futures scholarships…


Quest For Success Receives $250k Donation

A philanthropic Naples couple donate $250,000 to Quest for Success a non-profit college preparatory organization. Tom and Ann Grady of Grady Law donated $250,000 to Quest for Success to be used to sponsor…


Quest for Success Students enjoy record-breaking college admissions and scholarship funds – sets sights on new Quest4 Challenge

Due to tremendous growth and expanding demand, Quest for Success, a non-profit college preparatory organization, today announced record scholarship numbers and the rolling out of a new initiative offering…


In recent years much debate has arisen about the value of a college degree. Many argue that learning is intrinsically worthwhile for its own sake. But a great number of students and parents want to know the financial…


Anyone remotely involved in the college admissions process in the past few decades knows it has become, for too many students, high stakes and very, very high anxiety. In this piece, a college admissions counselor looks at the reality…



How and Why You Diversify Colleges

There’s a whole lot wrong with the conversation about including more low-income students at elite colleges, but let’s start here: The effort is too often framed as some do-gooder favor to those kids.


#NACACreads Author: Applying to College Teaches Teens Crucial Skills

#NACACreads author Julie Lythcott-Haims knows it’s tough for parents to turn over the reins, especially when it comes time for their child to apply to colleges. But if teens aren’t able to complete…


Tom Grady of Quest for Success talks one on one with Golden Gate High School Students

Golden Gate High School students received a special visit from Collier County School Superintendent, Dr. Kamela Patton and Florida State Board of Education Secretary, Tom Grady. Students…



Quest Sponsors

While our many private sponsors wish to remain nameless, here are some of the local businesses and organizations that have partnered with us to sponsor students in Quest:

Local businesses that host Quest students for college major and career exploration:

From everyone at Quest—the faculty, the students and the board—we thank you for your kind and generous support.

To Become a Quest Sponsor

Contact Susan Zumstein at or call 239-825-9809.