Nationally Ranked Universities Visit Quest for Success

This fall, nearly 25 universities from across the United States have visited Quest For Success, an esteemed college preparatory program in Naples.

Throughout the month of September and continuing through October, university representatives have spoken to the over 300 students of Quest for Success. College representatives travel all over the country during the fall semester looking to reach out to the most qualified and promising high school students in the nation. Quest provides students with the competitive edge colleges are looking for, and school representatives are eager for a chance to visit.

Executive Director of Quest for Success, Sue Zumstein, says she is happy her students are being presented with the unique opportunity to talk with counselors in such an accessible way. “Our students are well equipped to attend these prestigious institutions and we are glad universities recognize the high caliber of talent at Quest, enough for them to come meet the students personally. This process allows students to talk one on one with college admissions officers and get an inside look into the admissions process,” adds Zumstein.

This unique opportunity is a measurable benefit of the Quest program. Universities from all regions of the United States get the opportunity to appeal to the brightest of southwest Florida’s soon-to-be high school graduates, and students are awarded the chance to differentiate themselves from other applicants. Quest offers their hard working students the exposure to demonstrate a genuine interest in these schools.
Of the universities visiting, many are rated among the top schools in the nation. Some of the universities on Quest’s schedule include Johns Hopkins University, Boston University, Wake Forest University, New York University, Southern Methodist University, and American University, to name a few.

About Quest for Success

Quest for Success is a community-based organization providing highly personalized and effective methods for students to access and pay for most colleges. Quest began with 10 students in 1993, and currently serves over 381 students from Collier County public and private schools. Quest’s mission is to foster economic freedom through education by empowering high school students to reach their highest career potentials through lifelong learning. A tax-deductible gift to Quest for Success is an investment in Quest Scholars – empowering students to succeed in college and beyond. Community support allows Quest to bridge the gap between exceptional, under-served youth and leading institutions of higher education. 100% of Quest students attend college.

To learn more, visit or call (239) 403-7174.